Monday 6 May 2019

How I Made My Pond, Part 3

    I had my pond dug in the Fall of 1993, so I went into winter with a giant hole in my pasture.  It snowed ,got cold, and I had my fingers crossed all through the winter of 93-94 that the hole would eventually fill with water, and fed by underground springs, that is exactly what happened through the winter.  By the time Spring arrived my pond was full, and held the water.  I was so relieved.
    Even though the dam was bare ground and pretty naked looking, I was very excited about how the water looked.  It was a beautiful turquoise color, caused the light gray color of the clay on the bottom of the pond.  Unfortunately, that beautiful color slowly disappeared over the years as debris and aquatic plants began to blanket the bottom.  
    Well, I had myself a pond, and one of the reasons I had it built was to increase wildlife habitat, and I knew that it would take time for that to slowly happen.  I’m sure I will touch on my pond’s evolution in future blogs.

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