Friday 10 May 2019

Overlander Falls

    It’s fascinating to me the way that so many of the unique and spectacular sights are all clustered close to each other in one area, which fortunately are now parks.  Overlander Falls is part of Mt. Robson Provincial Park, and is located on Hwy. 16 just a short distance east from the Mt. Robson Viewpoint.  We have driven past the falls innumerable times, but I have only walked down the path to see them, only one other time in my life.
    I was glad we made the time to do it again last Monday on our trip to Jasper, because it was well worth the little hike.  It wasn’t Overlander Falls itself that I found so spectacular, although it was, it was the amazing water, which was crystal clear and had a bluish green tint, that captured my heart.   Here are photos.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, thank you SO much for sharing those photos of the falls area, gorgeous.
    A grizzly and moose as well. You hit nature's jackpot.
    When we traveled through the UP of Michigan we always teased each other that the moose there were only stories!