Thursday 9 May 2019

Jasper, Alberta

    I sometimes mention Jasper in my blog and I realized that many readers may not have any idea of what Jasper looks like, so the other day when we were in Jasper, and I had some time to kill, I took some photos of the town site.  It was nice to walk around Jasper on Monday, because the tourist season hasn’t really started yet, the winter ski season is over and the summer throngs haven’t yet arrived, so the town was nice and empty.
    The shot above shows the Jasper train station.  It was the building of the railroad in 1911 and the influx of mountain tourist that put Jasper on the map.  
    The photo below shows the main tourist drag, full of restaurants, mountain sports supply shops, and gift shops.  Take away all of the tourists and Jasper is pretty much just a small town.

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