Monday 10 September 2018

Pressing Apples

    Yesterday when I was walking past the garden, I glanced over at the apple tree just in time to see an apple drop to the ground--they were ready to pick.  As luck would have it, the Three River’s Coop was having an apple pressing day in the afternoon, so I picked all of the apples from the tree, and we drove to Dunster to get them turned into apple cider.
    Their home-made apple press is a fairly simple machine.  Apples are feed into a grinder that chews the apples into chunks which fall into a wooden bucket made of wooden slates.  When the bucket is full it is put under the presser which is hand turned, lowering the top on the bucket and squeezing the juice out of the apple pieces.  The juice runs down to a hole where it is collected in a bucket.
    Joan and I had 10 gallons of apples and we got about 2 gallons of delicious cider, and we had an interesting afternoon making it with other people who were also pressing their apples.  Below are shots showing apples being washed, pressed, and some of our apple cider.

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  1. Looks like my kind of people. A great day and a great time!