Tuesday 18 September 2018

Jam Night

    Yippee, it’s Tuesday again.  Every Tuesday night we have our music jam at the library, something I thoroughly enjoy, and look forward to each week.  I never know what combination of musicians are going to show up, although we have some regulars, like me, who are alway there to play music.  Some of the best fun I have had in my life has been playing music with others, and that is what our Tuesday Night Jam is all about.
    Last Tuesday I took my camcorder and recorded the session.  I just set the camera on the piano so the photography is really static, but I do now have a video of the session.  It is very sobering to see and hear yourself, and I hate it, but I think it is a learning experience that will help lead to improvements.   Unfortunately, I haven't been able to post the video on this internet site, but I will post a video of one of our songs at the link below if you want to watch and hear us play.


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