Wednesday 19 September 2018

More From Sheep Dog Trials

    I am still thinking about the Sheep Dog Trials that took place in McBride over the weekend.  What an amazing display of cooperation between the dogs and their masters.  On Saturday afternoon we watched the trials for the “hotshot” dogs.  
    Three sheep were released way down in a pasture across the creek, and the dog who was with it’s master on a hill overlooking the creek, told the dog to go down to get them.  The dog raced down the hill, across the creek to the sheep, eager to get to work.
    The dog’s owner, still standing on the hill, whistled and yelled, instructing the dog to herd the sheep through some gates, then across the bridge on the creek, up the hill, through some more gates, and finally into a pen on top of the hill.  Watching the dog and master working together was a very impressive experience.  

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