Thursday 13 September 2018

Herbicidal Frankenplants

    Joan and I used to do quite a few of our walks down the runway of the McBride Airfield.  Beside the wide view of the Valley, one of the attractions for me was the many unique plants that were growing along the margins of the tarmac.  I saw a lot of flowers that were otherwise uncommon in our part of the Robson Valley.
    Although the plants growing in the gravelly margins were never thick or high, I guess the people in charge got tired of mowing the strip and thought it would be easier just to poison the margins, so they applied herbicides.  That was several years ago, and now I cringe at the “Frankenplants” that now grow there.  While some of the mosses remain, the other unique plants have now been replaced with invasive weeds and other ugly plants.  What a loss.
    The photo above shows what is growing there now, and the photos below show some of the plants that I used to enjoy seeing that were poisoned and are now gone.

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