Tuesday 4 September 2018

Ancient Forest: Music in the Woods

    One of the impressionable memories I have from the Grand Opening of the Ancient Forest was walking down one of the trails, humbled by the gigantic trees and green that surrounded me, and hearing, off in the distance, the music of strings that seemed floating in the forest.  It was the Robson Valley String Ensemble that was playing in one of the boarded overlooks.
    While it seemed strange to come upon a group of stringed instrument musicians in the middle of the bush, the music fit in wonderfully with the verdant garden that I was walking through.  As I watched them they played a song from the soundtrack of “Legends of the Fall” and I have always been a sucker for movie soundtracks, so I couldn’t help but to be impressed.  Hopefully, the video below will work for you and you can hear the song.

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