Saturday, 1 July 2017

Happy 150 Canada

    Today Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary.  Of course there is a lot of hoopla involved in the event, which I could live without, but still I think there is a lot to celebrate.  Canada tries to be on the compassionate side of things and in a world like we have today, that is saying a lot.
    I certainly appreciate what this country has done for me, an immigrant who sought a better life in a humane country.  I look back and I am pleased at the opportunities and the life that Canada gave me. I am proud to be a part of this country.
    Canada is such a vast place and all of us Canadians have a different view of what Canada is.  People on the Atlantic Coast have one view of Canada, people in the cities have another, the prairie residents see another Canada in their minds, but for me I see the amazing Canadian Rockies and their rugged beauty.  (This year as part of the celebration, admission to all of Canada’s National Parks is free.) 
    Anyway, Happy 150, Canada.

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