Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Just in Case

    Four days ago I blogged about all of the forest fires that were burning over the mountains in the dry belt of BC.  They continue to burn and several towns and communities have been forced to evacuate.  Even though those places are hundreds of miles away, the smoke from those fires has filtered into the Robson Valley, obscuring our mountains.
    The fire hazard in the Robson Valley is high, and so as a precaution, I decided I had better put the canopy back on the truck in case something happens locally and we are forced to vacate our house.  
    I keep the canopy on the truck all winter, then take it off in the spring when I am hauling firewood.  It generally stays off all summer.
    Dry sunny weather is usually a welcome condition is summer, but having worked for the Forest Service for a couple of decades, I now see the sinister side of long sunny dry spells.  I find myself hoping for some rain, without any lightning.  

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