Saturday, 8 July 2017

BC On Fire

    BC has a dry, almost desert-like swath that runs through lower middle of the province, south of where we live in the Robson Valley.  It is been unusually dry there so far this year, and their fire hazard has risen to extreme.  A series of thunder storms with strong winds, just moved through and many wildfires resulted.  Several towns have been evacuated.
    Fortunately for the Robson Valley we have been getting rain showers periodically, even so our fire hazard is currently rated at “High” but so far I haven’t heard of any forest fires here, but that does not mean we haven’t been effected.  Smoke originating from those fires hundreds of miles south of us started moving into the our valley yesterday afternoon, obscuring our mountains, and turning the sky orange.  You can smell the burnt trees in the smoke when you walk outside.
    Here are a couple of shots I took of the sky.

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