Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I Finally Got A Purple One

    For close to forty years we have had red poppies come up in our vegetable garden.  I love them and whenever I weed the garden I allow a lot of them to survive.  (You can see them in the painting shown in yesterday’s blog.)    Anyway, although I really love my red poppies, last year in one of McBride’s Community Garden boxes, someone grew some purple poppies and they were exquisitely beautiful. 
    So last Fall when those purple poppies matured, I took some of the seeds from the pods and spread them around in my garden, hoping that some of the purple ones would come up.  I spread them in the area where I planted my peas this year.
    This spring when the poppies started to sprout out of the ground I could hardly wait to see some purple ones.  Then last week when the flowers finally bloomed, they were all red.  I was sorely disappointed, but this morning when I went out to open the greenhouse, I noticed one purple poppy.  It seemed like a personal triumph.  Here are a couple of photos.

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