Monday 13 February 2017

Zoom, Zoom

    The photo above shows you what I saw as I walked down Horseshoe Lake Road yesterday.  Just  above the second fence post from the left you can see a small clearing in the distance.  There are some white dots there that are the snow covered roofs of farm buildings. 
    I like to take photos of farms nestled beneath the mountains.  When I saw this farm with the mountains behind it, I thought that might make a interesting photo, so I whipped out my camera (actually its a camcorder, that I use) and from the spot where I was standing, I zoomed in to the farm.  It gave me exactly the scene that I wanted.  (Photo below)  Zooming in really gives you a sense of how big the mountains are.
    Even though my camcorder is 6 years old and so 6 years behind whatever the current technology is, I am still so impressed at its range.  I can kneel down and put the lens an inch (3 cm) away from a subject and it will focus on it, or like the example I have shown today, zoom in on something that would probably be overlooked by the eye, and get a good picture.  
    It is all a wonder to me.

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