Friday 10 February 2017

Remembering Fresh Produce

    It is always so good to eat salads during our long winters here in the BC Interior, but we often have to just shake our heads when we get to the produce section of our small grocery store and survey what is available.  The items there are often old, wilted, and many levels below prime.  Considering what a small community we live in, our winter climate, and how far away we are from agricultural areas, I guess we should be happy to get anything at all, but still I would sure be nice to get produce that was fresh.
    The photos you see are from the early 1980’s showing my uncle’s commercial green house in Indiana.  We lived just down the road, so if we wanted lettuce, it was easily available, and very fresh.  Unfortunately, that greenhouse where I spent so much of my youth, no longer exists, but seeing these old photos sure makes my mouth salivate, and want to have a nice crispy salad.
    The photo below shows my uncle cutting some lettuce as my aunts, and second cousin look on.  Look at those pants, I didn't remember that my uncle was such a fancy dresser.

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