Monday 6 February 2017

Lifelong Interests

    I was looking though some old stuff trying to come up with a topic for this blog, when I came upon this photo from my high school newspaper, probably printed back in 1965.  I was really keen on folk music at the time and organized a group of classmates who had the same interest, into a “Folk Club” where we periodically got together to play music.  The photo made me realized that I still had the same interest in music that I had way back then.
    I no longer have a banjo, now I play mandolin or guitar, but I still love to get together with other musicians to play.  We do it every Tuesday.  I am not the only retiree still clinging to old loves.
    I know people my age that are still buying old cars and fixing them up just like they did in high school, because they enjoy messing around with cars, and others who still drag their old bodies out on the ice to play hockey with that childhood dream still in their head.  My cousin, who as a child was fascinated with tractors, doesn’t have a farm but owns a handful of the machines because he still loves them.
    I guess we are just hardwired to like certain things and that doesn’t change with age.

Art was another of my lifelong interests, check out my paintings at:

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