Tuesday 21 February 2017

The Drive to Prince George

    About once a month we make the 135 mile (217 km) drive up Highway 16 to Prince George for shopping and to restock our supplies.  Making the trip is not something we take lightly, especially in the winter, because it can be dangerous.  Deer, and moose, can unexpectedly run up from the sides of the highway, large trucks barrel down the road, and the road is full of hills and curves.  
    Winter is especially bad because of snow and ice on the road and whiteout conditions during bad storms and whenever a big truck goes by.  Deep snow can make the car hard to control and the short daylight means you might have to drive in the dark when everything is worse.
    As a result, we carefully plan our trips to PG, looking carefully at the weather forecasts, but sometimes if you have an appointment, you don’t have a choice, except to cancel at the last moment if the weather looks bad.  
    Yesterday, Joan and I had to drive up for eye checkups.  We were lucky, conditions were not too bad.  We ran into some snow squalls, some misty rain, some snow accumulation on the road surface, and the ever present logging and freight trucks on the highway, but it was good compared to some of our trips.  It is always such a relief to get up and back without incident.
    I took the photo on the way up to Prince.

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