Sunday 19 February 2017

A Scary Subject

    I, along with 40 others, gathered in the McBride Community Hall to get information about something that is a terrifying thought--one’s death.  The forum was about what people need to do in order to have some control over the situation where you may be incapacitated, both physically or mentally, to the point where you can no longer communicate to medical staff or legal representatives.  
    Do you want extraordinary intervention to try to keep you alive even though that might leave you in a vegetative state, or do you want nature to take it’s course?  One’s mortality is a difficult fact to face, but I think most people have wishes about what they want to happen when it occurs, and the discussion was very helpful about how to achieve a bit of control in a situation where you are no longer able to communicate your wishes.
    Despite the grim subject, it was a very pleasant forum, that served up humor along with all of the information and serious talk.  I was very glad that I attended and I plan to fill out the forms and do the things that were recommended.
    The photo shows Dr. Martin giving his presentation, as Linda Fry, Notary, looks on waiting for her turn to speak.

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