Tuesday 1 November 2016

Day of the Dead

    Today is the Day of the Dead in Mexico.  In 1981 Joan and I traveled to Mexico to look at the Aztec and Mayan ruins and experience the country.  We weren’t aware of the Day of the Dead when we made our arrangements, and were quite surprised to see all the displays of gruesome foods:  sugar skulls, chocolate coffins, and “Bread of the Dead”, arranged in the stores of Mexico City.  
    Eventually we found out what it was all about.  On this day it is customary for families to pack up a “picnic” lunch and go to the graves of their ancestors, eat their meal among the tombstones and talk to their deceased family members.  Marigolds seem to be the flower of choice for the occasion.  It all seemed a bit strange to us, but I guess foreigners viewing our “Halloween” have a similar feelings.  Below are some old photos of what we saw relating to the Day of the Dead.

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