Wednesday 23 November 2016

Cat in the Poof

    Joan has a hard time passing up cute pet accessories in stores.  A few years ago she came across this fluffy cat “igloo” and determined that it was something that our cat Lucifer needed, even though the cat already had a similar shelter, although not in white.  Joan bought it and put it out on our balcony for the cat.  She called the thing, that looked like a fluffy big hollowed out marshmallow, the “Poof.” 
    It sat on the balcony for a couple of years without our cat taking the slightest interest in it, but lately Lucifer has decided that it was acceptable to her.  
    Throughout the day, Lucy used to play the “In and Out” game with us, first wanting to go outside, then quickly deciding she wants to be inside, then outside again.  
   Now the weather is still fairly mild and we let the cat go out, and then hours later Joan and I begin to realize we haven’t seen the cat, and we go to find her.  More often than not, we find her safe, secure, and comfortable, curled up and snoozing in her poof.

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