Sunday 27 November 2016

Detailing Every Twig

    Our dog Skye was a rescue dog who must have spent part of his young life living rough without a home, scrounging for food, and trying to avoid mean dogs.  As a result, she is very paranoid and food oriented.  We have had her for a few years now and finally she is starting to act a bit like a normal dog.  
    One of the dog characteristics she has finally started to use is curiosity, exploring her environment through her sense of smell.  Now when we go for a walk down the trail, she stops at every twig or stem that arcs over the path and she carefully smells it, up and down its length so she can determine if any wild critter had rubbed by the twig as it walked down the path.
    This behavior does slow us down on our walks, but it is good to see that some of Skye’s dog genes have started to emerge through her funk.

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