Saturday 5 November 2016

Temperature Variations Along Hwy. 16

    We took at trip to Jasper, Alberta yesterday, so we drove past Mt. Robson.  Whenever we make that curve and suddenly face Mount Robson I feel obligated to take a photo.  That’s it above.
    Its nice that vehicles now show outside temperatures.  Before they did, I always sort of assumed that if it was a particular temperature at home it would be the same pretty much along the highway, but it is amazing how much the temperature dips and rises as we travel.  Of course, we live in a mountainous  topography so that creates a lot of pockets of variation.
    As we drove the 100 miles (160km) to Jasper yesterday, I was surprised at just how much temperature change we experienced.  Early in the morning when we left McBride, the outside temperature was 11C (52F).  As we drove the degrees rose and fell, sometimes a couple of degrees in a few of miles.  At one place in Mt. Robson Park it had dropped to below freezing at -1C (30F)   When we got to Jasper it was 4F (39F).
    I guess that is why we have gotten into the habit of always packing a wide variety of clothes in the car when we travel down the highway.

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