Tuesday 15 November 2016

Those Amazingly Clever Chinese

    President-Elect Trump has said that climate change is a hoax that the Chinese government has perpetrated to create a burden on US production.  Well you certainly have to hand it to the Chinese, when they do something they really do it thoroughly.   
    Here I am living in an obscure and unimportant section of BC and those crafty Chinese have made our fall weather so warm that the pussy willows are blooming.  Our temperatures for this time of year, both daytime highs and night lows, should all be below freezing, but it has been so warm that it caused confusion in nature.
    The Chinese have spread this hoax not only in BC, but throughout the whole world.  Reports out yesterday said that 2016 temperatures have been the warmest yearly temperatures ever recorded globally.  Chinese planning and follow-through are truly remarkable.  

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