Tuesday 22 November 2016

Wow, a Dipper!

    While I take a great interest in birds, I am not very good at identifying them.  If I see an unusual bird I try to remember exactly how it looked, but by the time I get to a bird book, I have forgotten the details.  Yesterday when I was walking around the pond, a grey bird, about the size of a robin flew by and landed on a branch sticking out of the water. 
    I couldn’t identify it until I saw its body start bobbing up and down--then I knew, it was a dipper, an American Dipper to be exact.  They hang around water, but usually fast running water diving in and out of the current.  They are called “dippers” because instead of standing still, they continually bob their bodies up and down.  
    It was a bit puzzling to see it because, like I said they like mountain creeks and running water, and the water in my pond just sits there.  At any rate, it was interesting to see it.   Below is a short video clip of the Dipper, doing its thing.

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