Monday 14 November 2016

Creatures of Habit

    I guess it is because we do the same thing at the same time every day, that our animals follow our lead and fall into the same strict schedules.  Every morning I spend the first couple of hours, after breakfast, working on my computer.  Lucifer, our cat got into the habit of napping in her cardboard box while I am on my computer.  
    This morning I was a bit late in getting to the computer and when I got there, Lucifer was already curled up waiting.
    Daylight saving time really upsets our dog.  She is used to getting her food at a certain time, and when daylight saving time shifts the hour 60 minutes later, she goes crazy wondering why the food isn’t in her bowl when her biological clock says it is time.
    When I used to have Angora goats.  They would spend most of the day in the paddock by the barn.  Several times I accidentally left the gate open.  A few brave souls ventured outside of the gate, but they soon returned back into the security of their paddock, it is what they were used to. 

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