Thursday 24 November 2016

Is That One of My Fence Posts?

    Do you see the fence post with the hole in it?  I spotted it the other day while walking on Horseshoe Lake Road, and I wondered if I was the one who drilled those holes.  When we first moved to and bought our place in McBride, I was without a job and needed employment, so I took a job at a local cedar mill that made post and rail fences, mostly to export to the US.  
    Day after day, thru the freezing winter and heat of summer, I stood before the drilling machine  in the unheated building, where I grabbed fence posts off of a conveyor belt and drilled holes in them.  I don’t know how many fence posts I drilled, but it seemed like a mountain of them.  
    It is only natural for a few of those split cedar posts to have been used by local farmers, but still I was surprised to see one again.   This one looked like it was a replacement for a post that had rotted away since it was all alone and not part of a rail fence.
    Below is a photo of one of the complete rail fences and the other photo is one from the late 1970‘s, showing me drilling posts at the drilling machine when I worked at the mill.

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