Monday 31 October 2016

Halloween--The Thrill is Gone

    It might just be old age, but Halloween sure seems to have lost its fizzle over the years.  Of course it was more fun when I was a kid, but now it is so commercialized.  In my day, households might carve a jack-o’-lantern, put a candle in it, and put it on the porch, now many houses come home from the store and overwhelm their front yards with inflatable characters swaying in the wind.  
    At one time kids and their parents made their own costumes, now no creativity is needed, just money to buy the complete outfits.  Does anyone still dunk for apples?
    Some of the changes are for the good.  At least around here, there seems to be less “Tricks” from Trick or Treaters.  I remember windows being soaped and eggs being thrown, and both of those activities were a pain for property owners.  One year when I was a teacher, living in a house beside the school building, I was worried about my car windows being soaped.  I was happy when it was pouring rain on Halloween.  My happiness was short-lived when I discovered the next day that tricksters had dumped flour on my wet car which turned into a hard paste.

    Halloween will pretty much be a normal night for us.  We no longer get any trick or treaters coming to the house, they all head into town where more candy is available in a more concentrated area.   We didn’t even bother to buy any treats, knowing no one would come.   If your are planning some Halloween activities, enjoy them.

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