Saturday 1 October 2016

Power Outage

    In the middle of Thursday night the power went off.  This is not anything new to us, living where we do, but it seemed strange, since there had been no wind, and that it is usually wind blowing trees over the lines that cause of outages.  So after a dark night, we got up and still had no power.
    I got my battery radio and turned to CBC, and there was no station, so that meant that all of McBride, not just our road, was without power.   I called the BC Hydro (the power supplier) and the recording said that the outage was caused by a falling tree and that power should be back on at 9:00 AM.
    Our daily lives are so dependent on electricity, that we don’t know how to cope whenever we no longer have it.  No internet, no TV, no radio, and we walk into a dark room and automatically flip the light switch.  After we ate breakfast and found we had nothing to do, since we had no power, we decided just to drive to the airfield and walk the dog.
    Just outside of town we saw the BC Hydro crew working on restoring electricity.  (It was a tree that caused the trouble.)  After walking Skye we headed back home, and still we had no power.  At 10:00, I decided to drive to the waste management site and get a load of compost with the truck.  When we got there we were told that it was not possible because without electricity, the credit card reader doesn’t work, so we turned around and came back to our non-functioning home.
    I spent the rest of the morning working on the garden.  When it was time for lunch, Joan decided to make some pancakes using a griddle on our propane barbecue, since our electric stove didn’t have any juice.  She got everything ready, fired up the grill, and at that moment, the power came back on and our lives got back to normal.

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