Monday 24 October 2016

Village Life

    The Village of McBride is the “urban center” of our section of the Robson Valley.  Today I thought I would tell you about 3 things that happened there over the last three days.
    Friday-  Joan and I needed to pick up something at the grocery store.  When we got to the checkout, Pat was running the till.  Our items cost something like $10.11.  Joan just had a twenty, and asked me if I had any change.  I didn’t.  
    So Joan handed Pat the twenty.  Pat who had watched us, then stuck her hand into her own pocket and pulled out the dime we needed (in Canada we no longer have pennies so everything is rounded up or down.) , so with Pat’s contribution, Joan got a full $10 bill back and didn’t have to mess with getting a lot of change in return.  It was a really nice gesture from Pat to help us out.
    Saturday-  Joan has a garden box in McBride’s Community Garden.  Part of the deal is that if you have a box you have to volunteer time.  The Community Garden grew a lot of potatoes to sell to raise money.  I helped with the digging, and Joan went in on Saturday to help with the sales effort.  
    When she came home she told me, “I have some bad news, I bought 15 pounds of potatoes.”  The news was bad because we already have plenty of potatoes in storage that I grew in our garden, but sales for the Community Garden were slow, so Joan decided to help them out.
    Sunday-  Members of the community were putting on a spaghetti dinner to raise money for a family  that has fallen upon hard times because of cancer.   The cost of the dinner was by donation.  We don’t know the person, but a lot of people were volunteering a lot of time, organizing, cooking, and cleaning up and we were happy to get a meal of spaghetti, and help out the family at the same time.
    While all of the above incidents are not unique behavior to McBride, I am sure appreciative of the “helping out others” attitude that can be found here.  

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