Friday 14 October 2016

Broken Planes

    In my recent trip to Indiana I was surprised to discover just how many broken airplanes are out there.  On my trip down and back I had a total of six flights.  Three of the six, that’s half of my flights, were delayed because of mechanical problems on the planes and we were forced to wait for a new plane to be delivered from somewhere else.  Two of the three occurred on planes that were supposed to be the first flight of the day, and that of course, totally wiped out all of my connections.
    The first flight of my trip down started in Prince George.  We boarded, sat there, and then were told that the pilot would not fly the plane because of some mechanical problem and we all had to de-board and wait for a couple of hours while a replacement plane flew up from Vancouver.  While we waited I missed all my connecting flights and they all had to be rebooked.
    On the start of my return trip back to BC starting from Evansville, Indiana, we were told that the plane we were supposed to use had mechanical problems and that we would have to wait two hours until a replacement plane was flown up from Houston.  Again, that caused me to miss all my connecting flights, all of which had to be rebooked on later flights.
    While it was very inconvenient and a hassle, I really am not going to complain.  I certainly don’t want to fly on any broken planes.  I was just surprised at how many broken planes there are out there.
    I try to look on the bright side, and there were some bright sides.   One night the airline put me up and fed me in a fancy hotel and restaurant when I had to unexpectedly overnight in Vancouver, and in all of my really long flights between Vancouver and Chicago, I was rebooked into seats that were “Economy Plus”  instead of just “Economy,”  that meant that I got a few more valuable inches of legroom without having to pay the extra cost.

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  1. Your paintings are beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)