Friday 28 October 2016

Anne of Green Gables

    The novel, Anne of Green Gables is an institution in Canada, but since I grew up in the US I never read it.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) produced a very popular TV drama based on Anne, years ago and that was my first introduction to Anne Shirley, the young firecracker who is the novel’s main character.  The book was one of the suggestions of the McBride Library’s Book Club and so that is the book I read.  Here is my review:

     Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery 
            Although I was familiar with the spirited, overly earnest, and redheaded Anne Shirley character from CBC's classic TV show based on the book, I had never read the novel, and was happy that the Book Club had given me an excuse to do so.  It was a long overdue treat. 
     Anne's (be sure you spell that with an 'e') personality and unfortunate situation (being an orphan who suddenly finds herself in the paradise of Prince Edward Island because of a mistake made by the orphanage, and unsure if she will be allowed to remain) immediately captures the reader's heart.  Montgomery's descriptions of the natural beauty of the island, life in the small community of Avonlea, and living in those simpler times, all combine to cement the book into the much loved classic of Canadian literature. 
      The situations in the novel are unspectacular, but Anne's over-dramatic response to them make for fun reading.  Character personalities are well formed and evolve over time.  The book was a pleasure. 

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