Thursday 13 October 2016

Saving a Baby Cedar

     There is a mature cedar tree growing in my mom's yard, beside her driveway. It is not one of those giant ancient ones like we have in BC, but you don't see too many cedars in Southern Indiana, so It always caught my eye.  The other day when I was walking down Mom's drive I noticed there was a baby cedar growing right beside the concrete edging along the driveway. 
        That worried me because it didn't have much of a future growing there.  I learned later that my sister has been trying to avoid it when she mowed the lawn, but still, one of these days it would probably feel the blade.  I decided I would try to extend its life by 100 or so years, so I went in search of a shovel, found one, dug it up, and transplanted it in the wooded area between my mother's and sister's houses. 
      Of course there is no guarantee that the little tree will survive, but it made me feel good to try to save it and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will survive. In past years I have transplanted a couple of other baby cedars that had come up in my mom's yard, and so far they are thriving. 

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