Tuesday 25 October 2016

A Fairy Ring

    Yesterday I came upon this Fairy Ring or Fairy Circle.  It is not the most obvious one I have ever seen, but hopefully you can make out the circle in the photograph.  What we call mushrooms are just the fruiting bodies of fungi , the bulk of plant which grow underground.  Fairy Rings are formed when a mushroom pops up out of the ground, then the underground part (mycelium) spreads away in a circle from the original mushroom, and sends up a new mushrooms at its end.  Each year the circle of mushrooms gets larger.
    Fairy rings have been the subject of a lot of folk beliefs.  It was thought that they show where witches have danced during the night.  It seems that it is very unlucky to step inside a fairy ring.  Take warning,  it is extremely unlucky to do so on Halloween.  
    I found this particular fairy ring interesting because it was made up of clusters of mushrooms instead of individual ones.  Below is a photo of one of those clusters.

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