Monday 3 October 2016

More Bear

    The neighborhood bear continues to walk around the house every night.  We wouldn’t know this except that our dog Skye, whose senses are better than ours, begins a low growl and loud bark whenever the bear is around.  When she started the other night, I remembered that I left a bucket of carrots from the garden out by the back door.   I turned on the back light, peeked through the blinds,  and saw the bear approaching the bucket, so opened the door, shouting, and the bear scrambled off back into the darkness.
    Yesterday while walking down by the Fraser River, we came upon some really nice bear tracks in the mud.  You can see one in the photo above.
    I have been feeling somewhat sorry for the bears because the berries all developed early this year and there is still a while before it is time for the bears to hibernate, and there isn’t much other food around for them.
      My sympathy led me to leave one of our giant zucchini out on the ground at the far side of the lake.  I thought the bear might appreciate it, but it sat there untouched for a few days.  I assumed it wasn’t on the top of the bear’s gastronomic wants, but yesterday I noticed that it was gone, except for a chunk left on the path.

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