Thursday 27 October 2016

Enough Scotch Tape for the Next 15 Years

    Yesterday when we drove up to Prince George we stopped at Costco.  Knowing the title of this blog, I could probably end the writing here, but I will give you sad details.   The reason for going to Prince George was something else, we have been going up there a lot in recent weeks, so we didn’t really have much of anything on our shopping list, but like I said, we went to Costco.
    As usual when we walked into the building, we were handed a flyer with the bargains of the week.  I looked through it and saw that one of the things on sale was an eight-pack of Scotch tape.  I remembered that I hadn’t really seen much Scotch tape around at home, except for one dispenser, so I figured I should probably take advantage of the sale.
    I bought the eight-pack of Scotch tape and of course, other items caught our eye as we walked around the store.  Even though we didn’t really need much of anything when we walked into Costco, we walked out with a cartful of items and a receipt for $287.00.
    When we got back home we started to unload our purchases.  I took the eight-pack of Scotch tape up to my office to put it away.  I thought I would store it in a drawer in the cabinet.  When I opened that drawer I discovered that there were already 7 packages of Scotch tape from a previous eight-pack “Sale,” sitting there waiting to be used.  Obviously I didn’t really need to take advantage of the Scotch tape this year’s “Sale.”  
    Oh well, I guess I have a lot of Scotch tape on hand to use if the occasion arises.  I just hope that a year from now when I go into Costco and see the eight-pack on sale I will remember that I already have some.

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