Wednesday 24 February 2016

Our Other Dog

    Yesterday, as I was walking along out sidewalk, I glanced over to the flower garden beside the house to see if the mild weather was causing any flower bulbs to peek though the leaves. (None yet.) Then my eyes came to rest upon this ugly ceramic canine, that has resided amongst the flowers for forty years, but is generally obscured by all of the plants.
    This dog pottery piece suddenly and unexpected appeared one day without explanation.  We assumed some playful friend was trying to confound us, and the gesture worked.  After all these decades, we still don’t know how it got there and who did it.  The main suspect died years ago without a confession, so I guess the mystery will forever remain unsolved.
    Meanwhile the dog stays where it was, and gets uglier as time passes.  Before I took this photo, I took mercy on the creature and used a magic marker and created pupils for its eyes because it looked even more ghastly without them.

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