Tuesday 16 February 2016

February in the Canadian Rockies?

    Yesterday when we took our dog walk out on Jeck Road, we had to give our heads a shake.  Here it was, February, in the midst of winter in the Interior of BC, and we were walking in jackets and running shoes.   The temperature was +6C (43F) and on both sides of us were bare fields.  The only snow in the valley bottom was that which had accumulated in the ditches.  It sure didn’t feel like winter.
    Most of middle and eastern Canada and the US are presently experiencing very cold weather and snow.  El Nino filled BC with very mild weather, which forces the cold Arctic air to go north of us and sweep down on the eastern side of the Rockies into the midwest and even into the southern states.
    It’s hard for us not to think that winter is over.  In our hearts we know that it isn’t, but it sure feels like it.

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