Monday 22 February 2016

A "Remarkable" Photo

    First off what I mean by the title is not that the photograph itself is remarkable, (although, I have to admit I am really proud of it) but the “remarkable” thing is all the circumstances that had to be in play in order for me to be able to capture this image .  While on the face of it, it seems pretty simple, this photo was the result of a lot of coincidences.  Here is how it happened.
    The dog, cat, and I were taking our evening walk around the pond.  The sky was mostly clear, but there were a few scattered clouds in the sky and they were reflecting the orange of the setting sun.  As I walked along our path, I happened to look out over the icy pond.  At that exact moment, one of those orange clouds was being reflected in the small pool of open water that was surrounding some cattails, and I recognized the interesting effect.
    Had I been a few steps farther along, or farther back on the trail when I looked up, had I been taller, or shorter, had I been 5 minutes earlier or later in my walk, had the colored clouds been in a different spot in the sky, had the sun been a bit lower or higher, this photograph could have never been taken.  Thinking about all those conditions, makes me realize just how remarkable this shot was.
    Of course there are two other points that led to the photograph.  I had to have my camera with me and I had to have the sense to recognize an interesting situation.
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