Tuesday 9 February 2016

Good-Bye Old Subaru

    We said good-bye to our old Outback, as we sold it to a friend yesterday.  We have driven it for 13 years, racking up 310,000 km (192,000 miles) in trips through mountains. across the prairies, and deserts the US, and braving the sometimes horrendous snowstorms just driving into town in BC.  It has been a good dependable car for us.
    We bought it back in 2003 when they closed the McBride Forestry Office and I was forced into early retirement.  When that happened we thought we had better buy a new car while we still had money.  We recently bought ourselves another new one, thinking that with the falling Canadian dollar, we had better buy a new car before the price rose to high.
    I have always liked the photo above, which was taken on a driving trip we took to Zion National Park in the US.  I thought our Subaru, sitting in front of the red sandstone mountains, always looked like a car ad in a magazine.
    Having a new car always creates a problem in our little community, where people always wave at each other as they drive past.  Having a different vehicle confuses people, because everyone is so identified with their car that when that car changes, everyone is left shaking their heads, wondering who just waved at them.

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