Thursday 18 February 2016

Lava and Ferns

    I have enjoyed taking nature photos all of my life.  In 1969 a whole new world of nature was opened up to me when I joined the Peace Corp and was sent to the “Big Island” of Hawaii for training.  I couldn’t believe the colors and vibrancy of the place.  I craved the free time we received during our training, so I could explore the tropical island I found myself on.
    The photo above is one of my favorites from that time.  It is probably the first photo I ever took that really inspired me philosophically.  It is a photo of a fern growing out of a hardened lava field.  Ferns are the first plants that are able to establish themselves on the newly formed rock.  Somehow the thought of fragile life struggling to survive on barren rock inspired me.  
    A similar thought came to me during my painting of “Petroglyphs.”    In that painting is was the image of people holding hands on the unforgiving massive rock of Earth that struck me.

You can see my painting, "Petroglyphs" at the top of my website:

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