Thursday 24 October 2013

Sweeping the Roof

    There are always a hundred things that need to be done before winter hits.  One thing I always try to do is to sweep the roof.  Our house has a metal roof, not only does it give a bit more protection in case of a forest fire, but it also allows the snow buildup to slide off.
    As you can see our roof doesn’t have much of a slope to it.  Usually leaves get blown off, but during the fall when there is a deluge of leaves and twigs from our big willow trees, the leaves can end up in clumps, and if moist, they start to decompose and can stick to the metal.  If this happens, more leaves pile up on top top of them and even the wind won’t take them off.  When the snow does come, it builds up on top of the leaves, and has a hard time sliding off.
    That is why I am up there sweeping the leaves off.  I like to go into winter a nice clean surface for the snow, so when it does reach the point where its weigh wants to glacier it off the roof, it is not inhibited.

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