Saturday 5 October 2013

How To Eat Corn On The Cob

    To anyone looking at my desk or my room, it would appear that I am not a very orderly person.  I have pretty much accepted that it is true, but I in some things, I do strive toward order.  One of those things is the way that corn on the cob is eaten.  I was reminded of this on my recent trip to Indiana (corn country).
    Although it was the end of the season, I was happy to discover that roasting ears of corn were still available, and we were served corn on the cob on several occasions.  I found it very upsetting to discover the way some of my own family members, ate corn on the cob. 
    These relatives (all of who grew up in Indiana, and will remain nameless) had fully functioning teeth, so that was not the problem, but the photo above shows how they mangled an ear of corn--a bite here, a partial bite there, what a chaotic mess.  It really drove me kind of crazy to see how their corn was eaten.
    When it comes to eating corn on the cob, I seek order.  I firmly believe that one should pick out 3-4 rows of kernels, start on one end and work your way down the rows.  See the example below.  This leaves a very orderly and dignified  cob at the end of the meal, not the splotchy mess like you see above.
    I realize that is blog is very ill timed, and would have been better posted at the beginning of the corn eating season, because those violators of correct corn eating will have probably forgotten this lesson by the time next years corn hits the plates.  I do hope that they will retain some fragment of thought about this faux pas and the next time they see an ear of corn on their plate they will treat it with a bit more dignity.

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