Monday 28 October 2013

National Pie Day

    Every year I make and sell a calendar which features my cartoons and scattered trivia associated with particular days.  I happened to notice on my current calendar that today is “National Pie Day.”  That seemed to be quite a coincidence because on Saturday in McBride, there was a gathering of 40 or so volunteers all strung along a production line, making apple pies which were being sold to raise money for the library.  
    Joan came home after helping with the pies, full of praise of the efficiency of the production line and the fun of the experience.  That sentiment was echoed by everyone else I talked to who was there.  Somewhere around 600+ pies were made.  Joan, who worked briefly boxing pies at the end of the line, said the pies were coming at her so quickly, she could hardly keep up.
    It makes me feel good to see such a huge slice of local residents working together doing things to better the community and filling it with delicious pies.

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