Sunday 13 October 2013

Red, White, & Purple / Who Is That?

    Potatoes are the main crop in my garden.  Last year my potato crop was horrible.  We didn’t even get enough potatoes to get us through December.  This year I vowed to take extra sure that I had a bountiful crop of spuds.  I planted more than usual, and when Dave Milne had some of his left over “purple potatoes” to plant, I grabbed them and also stuck them in the ground, just in case all my other potatoes didn’t grow.
    Fortunately, all of potatoes grew and gave me a bumper crop.  The white ones and red ones reached good size (I actually have another whole wheelbarrow full of white ones not shown in the photo), I was not too thrilled with the size of the purple ones, plus they were very scabby, but they are all edible and help give us more potatoes than we need to get us through the winter.

    If you look carefully at the photo you may see two little tags which say “unnamed”.  The iPhoto program I use on my computer  for photos, has a feature that automatically picks out faces in the photos and allows you to name the people it finds, then collects those photos away under that person’s name.  It looks like the program found a couple of faces on the potatoes.

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