Friday 1 March 2024

Snowshoe Paths

    I finally got my snowshoes out yesterday, a good month and a half later than when I normally do it for the winter.  Every winter the depth of the snow on the ground eventually builds up until it reaches a point where you can no longer easily walk through it.  When that happens, I get my snowshoes out and make paths through the snow to those places where I need or want to go.  The snowshoes press the snow down, compressing it, and hardening it, which then allows you to walk the paths with just your winter boots on.

    There are some key places where my paths go.  There is one to the compost pile, one to the woodpile, and another around the pond, where Kona and I do our walks.  If you step off of the snowshoe path, your foot sinks a lot deeper in the snow.   For some reason, when Kona pees, she always leaves the snowshoe path and fights her way through the deep powdery snow to do it.

    Every winter I measure how much snow is on the ground.  Normally its is about 2 feet (60cm), and that is snow that has been there for a while and has been compacted by its weight.  At present, there is now 10 inches (25cm) or so of snow on the ground, but it is fresh and fluffy, and not compacted, so we are way behind our normal snow levels.   At least it does now look wintery outside. 

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