Monday 11 March 2024

Blues Brothers Theme Party

    While going through my old diaries, I have been constantly surprised at how rich our social activities were in the Robson Valley during the 1980’s.  We were surrounded by a wonderful group of like-minded friends with whom we visited, watched VCR movies, dined, played volleyball, and partied.  Luckily, we lived right next door to Kjell and Celine, whose house became the party-central for many of those get-togethers.

     They hosted many theme parties that required costumes, food, and music related to the theme.  One of the most memorable of the theme parties was the “Blues Brothers” party which they had in 1989.  Dark suit coats, hats, and glasses, were donned by the males, emulating Elwood and Jake the main characters in the Blues Brother movie.  The women also wore dark glasses to accent their swanky dresses.

    The on-going eating and dancing to the blues music, was interrupted by the Blues Brothers Air Band performance (photo above).  I was impressed at how much Bruce, the high school principal, (shown holding the girl) got into the part.  When he wasn’t mouthing the words during the song, he gyrated and dangerously swung the microphone around by its cord. 

    The women performed as a dance troupe named  “Ruby and the Red Lips” and grooved to heavy beat of a driving blues song.  It was a wonderful party of abandonment with our alter egos, and I am sure it is remembered fondly by all of the participants.

    Ah, to be young again.


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