Sunday 24 March 2024

Kona Gives Herself A Job

    I have mentioned this before in a blog, but I am still surprised every time I see it.  Our dog Kona has some kind of strong compulsion to carry firewood back to our house.  It is something she just feels that she needs to do.  Sometimes I just stand there in awe at the big and heavy chunks of wood she lugs all the way to the yard, in her mouth.

    Yesterday, I spent some time falling, and cutting up some of the dead alder trees growing on the dam of my pond.  I bucked them up, piled them, and will use them as firewood.  Later, when we took a walk around the pond, I went on one side, while Kona decided to walk down the dam on the other side.  When I got around the pond and started walking down the dam toward the house, there was Kona with a big piece of firewood in her mouth, already heading for the house.

    She, of course, doesn’t leave the wood by the woodpile, but just drops them on the lawn, so I still have to stack it, but it does save me some work, because I don’t have to go down to the pond to get it and carrying it.

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