Friday 8 March 2024

International Women's Day

    Today is International Women’s Day.  Growing up in the States, I had never heard of that designation, until I moved to Canada. It is a day to recognize the incredible gifts, often ignored, that women contribute to the world.  I certainly think that women deserve a whole lot more appreciation than they have been given. 

    Despite their labors and talents, they are generally paid less than men, and there are several instances in science and other fields, where their discoveries have been ignored, and then credited to men.   Consumer products which are exactly the same as those for men, are priced higher for women.  Research testing on medicines, are often just done on men, thus ignoring what problems that might arise in women.  Women are often discriminated against when it comes to a job promotion, even though they are often, a lot more talented.  The boys club still rules the world.

    In my experience, women care more about people than most men.  They show more compassion and work harder to make things better.  The women in my life have seemed to be more social and helpful to the group.   I realize that there are exceptions to everything, but certainly the women I know have shown these characteristics.

    Here are two quotes concerning women that I have always liked:

        “Ginger Rogers had to do everything that the great Fred Astaire did, but she had to do it backwards and in high heels.”

        “A man who thinks he is smarter than his wife, is married to a very smart women.”


    The photo above shows some of the strong women in my family that have influenced my life and made my life better and more enjoyable.  

    A Happy International Women’s Day and best wishes to all of the females out there. 

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