Sunday 31 March 2024

Pond: Open For Business

    One of those things I look forward too every spring is having to ice on the pond disappear.  So I was happy this morning when Kona and I went out to walk around the pond, to see that that had happened.  So the pond is now open for business.  

    It is now busy doing all of those pond things:   Reflecting the surroundings and attracting wildlife.  I have seen water insects, a pair of Canada Geese, a pair of Mallards, and a pair of Wood Ducks, so far.  I have yet to see any of the Red Sided Shiners (fish), that I fear may have been wiped out over the winter.  The Bog Arum, and Waterlily plants are green and ready to poke through the surface of the pond.

    Walking around the pond is so much more interesting now that the ice is gone.  I enjoy peering through the crystal clear water to see what is happening underwater, and I certainly enjoy the reflections mirrored on the pond’s surface.

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