Saturday 9 March 2024

A Fragmented Life

    The blue bar in the lower part of my television screen indicates that I have “paused” the show that I had been watching.  I sometimes worry I will wear out the pause button on my remote control because I use it so much.  It is a rare occasion when I can actually watch a complete television show or movie, without having to interrupt it so I can go off and do something.

    Either Kona is demanding something, or the cat needs attention, or my wife has ask me something from a far away room, and I have to pause the show in order to hear what she said when she repeats it.  It could be that the phone rang, or I have to use the bathroom, or maybe I just remembered something that I had forgotten to do right away.  There is always something that interrupts my viewing.

    Watching a television show has become very similar to reading a book, I read a few pages, then put it down to do something, then later grab it again and pick up where I had left off in the story.

    I realize that all the above is just petty complaining about something that is really insignificant, certainly there are a myriad of other things that happen in life that are much more serious, and I guess if that is all I have to complain about, I am very lucky.  At least with the technology we have today, after pausing the television show, I am able to come back and continue watching where I left off later.  In the past, when you got interrupted and had to leave the show, it was just gone when you got back.

    To put another positive spin on all those interruptions; I am probably a bit healthier because I have to continually get off the couch and walk around to do something, instead of just sinking deeper and deeper into the sofa.

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