Friday 15 March 2024

Firewood, Not A Worry


    Normally, I spend a lot of time worrying about firewood.  During the winter I worry about not having enough, and running out.  As Spring approaches, I start worrying about where I am going to get more firewood for the next winter, and how much of an ordeal it will be to cut it up, haul it to our house, split it, and stack it.

    As I have blogged previously, this winter has been unusually warm, with a no snow Christmas and a unusually mild rest of winter.  All of those mild winter days meant that most of the time I didn’t have to build a fire in our wood stove, depending instead upon our electric baseboard heaters to keep our house warm.  Not using the wood stove, meant that I used just a fraction of all of the firewood that I had cut last year.

    The top photo shows the gap created by the firewood I did use over the winter.  Generally, this time of year, that whole row of firewood is gone, as well as most of the firewood you see in the lower photo.      

    It’s pretty unbelievable.  Getting, and preparing firewood usually takes up a good bit of my time in the spring.  This year, I won’t even have to do i,t because I already have enough leftover wood to get me through next winter.

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